Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology

Working Smarter

Technology is all around us everyday, there are many ways to use it to make life a little easier. Text to Speech, dictation, notes, and organizational application are available on many of the different platforms. Reading can become an enjoyable activity for pleasure and keep up with textbooks for school accessing audio books.  The landscape of technology will continue to change and evolve to provide better programs.

Sites to Follow

There are some very dedicated professional that keep up with the changing world of Assistive Technology. The following provide reviews and suggestions on applications as they are updated or introduced.

Reading with Audiobooks

Reading with Audiobooks opens doors for students with dyslexia.  Thankfully there are many options that are available. If you do not have a formal identification of dyslexia audio books are available thought local libraries and companies like Audible.  Once a student with dyslexia has been identified as having a print disability there are two options for accessing books.  Bookshare and Learning Ally are dedicated to bring books to students and adults that struggle to access printed books.  Bookshare is free to students in K-12 allowing them to to access 350,000 titles and growing through synthetic voices.  Learning Ally has a yearly membership, access to 80,000 title and building narrated by humans.  Within Decoding Dyslexia Oklahoma we have students using both of these programs.