Dyslexia is real!


Decoding Dyslexia OK is a grassroots movement driven by Oklahoma parents and educators who are concerned with the limited access to educational interventions and support for dyslexia within our schools. This page will share awareness for dyslexia, information to help parents and teachers advocate for students with dyslexia, effective resources for both reading intervention and support through accommodations and assistive technology, training opportunities based on best practices for students with dyslexia, and guidance on sharing your stories with policymakers as we work together to create more supportive learning opportunities in our local school districts. All children deserve the opportunity to become competent readers.


As Decoding Dyslexia Oklahoma reaches its ten-year milestone, we celebrate the successes we have achieved in advocating for the recognition and support of students with dyslexia in the state of Oklahoma. With an aim to empower and educate parents, educators, and policymakers about dyslexia, Decoding Dyslexia Oklahoma has achieved many successes. However, we recognize that there is still much work to be done.


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We pride ourselves on building a community around students and families impacted by dyslexia. We believe change happens when all community members participate in the stakeholder process.

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What is DYslexia?

Dyslexia is difficulty reading quickly and accurately. In some students, the difficulty may lead to an identification of a specific learning disability qualifying for special education.

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Laws and Regulations

Dyslexia is intertwined in a mix of federal and state laws and regulations  

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Finding trusted resources to learn, research, and seek support is important to educators and families. We gathered our favorite websites, videos, podcasts, and more in one place. 

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