Advocacy History

History is important to any organization. We are proud of our partnerships with the State Department of Education and Legislative members.
Below are a few of the highlights.

Our advocacy Timeline



DDOK hosted a statewide conference on dyslexia in conjunction with Oklahoma Disability Law Center.i


US Department of Education supports families by Saying Dyslexia and providing guidance to schools. 



DDOK hosted a statewide conference on dyslexia in conjunction with Oklahoma Disability Law Center




Legislation passed creating the OK Dyslexia and Education Task Force HB2008(2017) & HB3313(2018)

Legislation passed requiring preservice teachers to receive training in reading instruction methods to support struggling readers, including dyslexia and works to incorporate guidance from the International Dyslexia Association and other professional organizations. 

DDOK partners with Science Museum Oklahoma for Beautiful Minds Project

DDOK hosted a statewide conference on dyslexia in conjunction with OSDE, “The Science of Reading: Building Readers.”



Do you see me? advocacy day at the capitol.

Members of the Dyslexia Task Force were assigned and worked to develop Oklahoma’s Dyslexia Handbook. 



Oklahoma Dyslexia Handbook: A Guide to Literacy Development and Reading Struggles was completed by the task force as assigned by HB2008(2017) & HB3313(2018). Copies of the handbook and recommendations on the next steps were delivered to the Governor, State Superintendent, and other key officials.

Legislation passed to provide Professional Development for all PreK-12th grade teachers in the awareness of dyslexia beginning 2020-21 HB1228(2019)

DDOK student advocates share their voices at Oklahoma State Department of Education Dyslexia Professional development stops across the state. 

DDOK and OSDE host educators at the Science Museum Oklahoma Beautiful conference.



Policies developed by OSDE for Dyslexia Awareness PD, IDEA-B Advisory Panel Dyslexia Work Group, developed an online module to fulfill the requirements of HB1228

Legislation approved to screen students for early dyslexia risk factors through RSA, HB2804(2020)

Presentation at the International Dyslexia Association Conference with OSDE on Parent and Educator Partnerships.



Policies developed by the OSDE for Dyslexia Screening

Legislation passed updating the OK Dyslexia Handbook will be updated and maintained by OSDE



Schools will be required to use one of the OSDE-approved screeners to screen for risk factors of dyslexia.



Schools will report to the OSDE the results of the  2022-2023 screening for characteristics of dyslexia.

Senate Bill 1118 creates a three-year literacy instructional team within the State Dept. of Education  Reading Sufficiency Act to assist school districts. The team will have five regional locations across the state and will help teachers recognize the educational needs of students, with an additional emphasis on students with dyslexia. The program is funded through a one-time appropriation of $10 million.